24 hour keys, getconnections, decompiler, gethiddenproperty, sethiddenproperty, full debug library. Can run any script!

Kiwi X

NO CRASHES! Simple Interface, Smooth Script Execution, 100+ built-in scripts to choose from such as Blox Fruits, PSX etc. Custom Tabs & More


Hydrogen is a Roblox Executor for MOBILE devices. It comes with a script hub, fast update times and powerful execution power.

Oxygen U

Oxygen U contains functions such as Anti-OBS, getconnections, hookmetamethod, 24H KEYS!

Trigon Evo

Comes With A Script Hub, Can Execute Advanced Scripts, Works On Windows 8 - 11, Pleasing User Interface And Many Other Features!


Free MultiAPI executor! Amazing script hub! Nice looking UI! Download now! Keyless!


Electron uses LuaU Proto Conversion for script execution, it has a very simple UI, very stable and it can execute most scripts without any crashes

Free Scripts

Don't have a script for the Roblox game you want to exploit on? No need to worry, Cefrus provides users with free scripts for a bunch of games. New games and scripts are being updated and added frequently!

cefrus.xyz provides Roblox executors which are high-quality, safe to use and updated frequently!

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