Kiwi X





Click the Download button 
and then go do the steps to
get download the file/s.

Running The Exploit

After downloading, extract the file and run the executable file to open the exploit.


Go in-game and use the exploit.
Click the Attach button and then execute your script/s.


The script might be patched or the exploit you are using is not strong enough to execute it, try using a different exploit as it might be using a different API. Keep in-mind that most free exploits are not capable on executing high level scripts.

You can join the Discord server and read the #faq text channel or ask in #mainchat for assistance.

Some exploits come with a key system so that the developer/s can earn revenue and keep on supporting the exploit by making updates.

Due to the nature of exploiting it is common for an exploit to be flagged as a 'virus' due to software protection protecting the source code or the use of .DLLs which are used to execute cheats.

To use the exploit you will need to disable your Anti-Virus, if you don't know how to disable it, get the Anti-Virus's name and go to Google and search how to disable it.   

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