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Kiwi X

NO CRASHES! Simple Interface, Smooth Script Execution, 100+ built-in scripts to choose from such as Blox Fruits, PSX etc. Custom Tabs & More


24 hour keys, getconnections, decompiler, gethiddenproperty, sethiddenproperty, full debug library. Can run any script!

Exploiting Tools

Multiple RBLX Games

Roblox allows you to only have one Roblox application open, but by using this application you are allowed to open 100 Roblox games.

Roblox FPS Unlocker

Roblox caps the FPS limit at 60fps, if your monitor's refresh rate is higher than 60 such as 144hz you will need to use an fps unlocker to get 144fps.

Pipe Locator

PipeLocator Is a tool that can find Pipes. This is Useful for exploits that have a Custom DLL Injection.

Free Scripts

Don't have a script for the Roblox game you want to exploit on? No need to worry, Cefrus provides users with free scripts for a bunch of games. New games and scripts are being updated and added frequently!


Software & Scripts provided on cefrus.xyz are checked for their safety and are provided by reliable developers. 

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If any Software or Script isn't working on Cefrus.xyz it will get replaced.


Software & Scripts which we provide are guaranteed to be of quality at all times. 

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